Justice Failing Women

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Quotation: “The justice system is failing women. Its failing to induce the confidence in women to report sexual violence, its failing to create a coherent legal system between the federal, state, and tribal laws, and its failing to fund legal responses” (“No Justice for Alaskan” 3:27).

My Questions:
Through my completion of reading and watching the material for this lesson, I have discovered the staggering data that shows how often Native women are victims of domestic and sexual violence. In fact, these women are 2.5 times more likely to be raped and one in three of them will be during their lives (“No Justice for Alaskan”). How can the statistics be so dramatically outrageous but the resources available are considerably less even when they need that much more help? Why isn’t the justice system or the government taking this horrendous problem seriously by funding programs, providing training for police, and having an adequate number of officers? What are the reasons that conviction rates are so low when Native women report their assaults? Is it because they are Native or because of where they are located?

Reflection: I recently attended Duluth’s Take Back the Night event, which is a march to end domestic
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They receive less resources even when they have higher chances of being a victim of these horrible crimes. It outrages me that they receive less resources that other women do such as ill trained police staff, minimal forensic testing, and lower conviction rates. When this message is sent to them it discourages them from reporting their assaults, which is unacceptable. Resources, programs, and justice should be readily available to all survivors of sexual and domestic violence. These problems need to be addressed and changed in order for change to be made, which will only happen if communities stop ignoring the
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