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Justice for All “My mother was everything to me,” said Joseph Lucky, Debra Reese’s son. “[. . .] My family lived in the shadow of this event our entire lives.” Ledell Lee is scheduled to be executed for Debra’s murder. (AR Execution Recap) Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has scheduled the executions of eight of Arkansas’ most heinous killers for April of 2017. These men have been convicted and sentenced to death by a jury of their peers and have exhausted the appeals process. These men have been on death row for one hundred eighty-seven years total. The victims’ families have been living the nightmare on average twenty-three years. It is time to give them closure and to carry out justice for all. After extensive research on these…show more content…
. .]” Though the 1500 years that God used people to write the Bible his mind did not change on this subject. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” Hebrews 13:8. These murderers are a burden to society and wasting our tax dollar. It cost around $24,820 to house each of these men per year, which is $198,560 for these eight men for just one year, considering they have been on death row for a total of one-hundred eighty seven year that means that we have spent $4,641,340 on these men just in room and board. (Ferrando) These costs do not count the many appeals filed by these men or the cost of the drugs for the executions. Another aspect to consider when looking at these crimes and the cost on society comes from one of the convicted murderers himself. Kenneth Williams, he murdered an eight-teen year old cheerleader Dominique Hurd and while serving a life-sentence for that murder escaped from prison in a container of hog slop. He then shot Cecil Boren, in the back and the head, ransacked his home, and stole his truck in his attempt to escape justice. Williams was recaptured the next day after a police chase through Missouri that resulted in a crash that killed the driver of a water truck Michael Greenwood. (The Sun) Williams in his attempt to escape justice is a prime reason that these murderers should not be given a chance to kill again. They have proven to have no regard for human life and in

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