Justice For The Beaten Down Victims Of Murder

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Justice For The Beaten Down Victims of Murder “Every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted or beaten” (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). With that statistic there are roughly 9,600 chances every single day in just the United States alone that a woman could be killed at the hands of her abuser. At what point in killing an abusive husband in self-defense cross the line and become murder worthy of punishment? Is it after you finally shoot your alcoholic, abusive husband to death because he choked you for the 2nd time in a week while you were holding your 7 month old son, and your 4 year old daughter witnessed the entire horrific altercation? How different my life could have been after May 17, 2014 if I had defended myself to the point where I took the life of a coward who abuses women. When classifying self-defense where a battered woman kills her abuser by acting out of fear for her own life, the background evidence needs to be more heavily evaluated because at times what cannot always be legally proven as self-defense is the only way out of the nightmare. For cases where a battered woman has suffered severe psychological and physical abuse at the hands of her husband, she becomes so mentally broken and beaten down that she feels as if she is at fault somehow and at worst she even deserves the abuse. Most often the first question many people ask is “why doesn’t she just leave him”. Yet the real questions should be “WHY is he still abusing her and
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