Justice In The United States

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The Constitution of the United States of America defines justice as equality of all. Justice has been interpreted by philosophers and politicians for centuries, but each definition centers on the concepts of fairness, consequences for wrongdoing, and upholding a precedent; all of which drive me to to follow a career in law enforcement.
Justice is first and foremost about creating a platform of fairness for all peoples. Fairness is not allowing one person to have more power over another. Fairness is not excusing the behavior of one because they have more money, status, or influence than another. Fairness is not discriminating against race, religion, or sex. Fairness is ensuring that everyone treated equally. For those that have harmed others in some way, fairness is guaranteeing that they are appropriately penalized. Additionally, justice is about the consequences for criminality. For the mother of a
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The Bible is an excellent example of a standard held by justice. When someone disobeys the Commandments of decrees of the Bible, they face justice from the higher power. Justice is provided based off of the standard given to us. Another example, the Constitution, is the most powerful law-making tool in the United States; from which all courts and judges interpret the law. Even among law enforcement, a set of standards or guidelines are created to prevent abuses of power. Justice can often be misrepresented in media today. TV shows and movies such as CSI or Jack Reacher show justice as the “good guys” getting revenge or putting the “bad guys” in jail. This is rarely an accurate representation of the criminal justice system itself, or how individual entities of the justice system operate. I am interested in becoming a forensic scientist to help break this illusion. My goal is for my work as a medical examiner to help solve crimes and provide justice; in whatever forms that it presents
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