Justice Is An Important Part Of Our Social And Justice System

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Take Home Essay Pols 205 By Amber Davis What I found to be the most important concept studied in class was justice. This is an important concept for me because it is something that we see everyday within our political and justice system. Justice is an important part of our politcal system because we choose people from this system to prevail over wrong and bring those who are found wrong, to punishment. Justice is something that brings us order, and that brings closure to those who have been taken advantage of. In this paper, I argue that Martin Luther King has the most persuasive understanding of justice. His position is the best because he lived within the walls of injustice his entire life and made it his life mission to bring justice…show more content…
The two of them are fighting for better justice for people as a whole. An example of this would be Antigone fighting for her brothers body to be moved out of the open are and to be covered. King is fighting for equal rights, for people of color to have a chance in life and to be treated as an equal to the white man. I think that Antigone was rebelling against the general idea of the dead being treated like her brother had been. " I cannot side with hatred. My nature sides with love," (Sophocles 13). Second, Antigone is the best to come up against King because she was willing to essentially sacrifice her life for the service of a greater kind of justice. Within the text we see Antigone give up her time to be put in jail and to be faced with death. Isn 't this exactly what King did. King made it his life to teach others of justice and to bring about justice for the greater good and was killed for it. "Be brave. You are alive. Already my soul is dead. It has gone to help those who died before me," (Sophocles 13). Third, Antigone used nonviolent action to bring about justice, just as King advocated for in his writing. Antigone didn 't tear through the city and begin bringing physical unrest, she stood my her position of what she believed justice was and did it in a peaceable way. This is a big thing to be found in Kings writing. "Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate
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