Justice Is Unfair Or Unjust?

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When one hears the word, justice, one would think of the courts and how people are dealt out punishment based on the law. One may also think of several court cases where the outcome may have been unfair or unjust. It is interesting how justice is perceived by people as justice can mean several things to people, like what is true justice? How is a sentence deemed fair? Most people believe that true justice is when a sentence is given to someone and that the sentence chosen is in line with the crime committed by the person who is deemed guilty. However what if there was a person who committed a murder but had a mental illness. Is it fair to give him the death sentence? Some would say yes because they killed someone, however others would…show more content…
Though Arthur didn’t want to kill his wife, whom he loved so dearly, the King wished for true justice to prevail so he ordered his wife to be executed in the name of the law. Here is an example of how the King put his emotions in check in order for justice to prevail. However one would wonder whether it was really true justice as the king had forgiven his wife but he had to still attempt to execute her. As such, it can be lead to believe that true justice isn’t real. Though a ruling might seem just to one party, it may be be unfair to another. In the court system one party may receive the proper justice that they wanted but the other may feel as the judgment was unfair. The poet, Langston Hughes dealt with this matter through his poetry. In his poem, “Justice”, Hughes calls justice a “blind goddess” (Hughes “Justice” 1) that only “we black are wise” (Hughes “Justice” 2). By doing so he is calling out that justice is unfair, in the context of his poem, he is relating to the matter regarding black rights in America during the 1900’s. He states that the current justice system is only fair to white people and not black. This helps to prove the point that rulings are often unfair especially in regards to racial issues. In the past court cases, blacks were unfairly treated and prosecuted due to the fact that it was deemed at the time that whites were ‘superior.’ However over time this changed though it
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