Justice-Oriented Citizens

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To make the perfect colonial project, the right number and types of citizens are essential for the development of the colony. The 1000 citizens would be split up with 600 personally responsible citizens, 300 participatory citizens and 100 justice oriented citizens.1 We need participatory citizens who take an active role in the community, as well as personally responsible citizens which are responsible for themselves, they pay taxes, keep clean, and try not to be a burden on society. Finally the justice oriented citizens, the justice oriented citizens are people who investigate social, Political and economic problems and try to solve them. These citizens are essential for colonial development and success.

To ensure that the colony is successful
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The majority of 600 personally responsible citizens would be very important for growth of the colony. With what Joel Westheimer from The University of Ottawa “The personally responsible citizen acts responsibly in his/her community by, for example, picking up litter, giving blood, recycling, obeying laws, and staying out of debt. The personally responsible citizen contributes to food or clothing drives when asked and volunteers to help those less fortunate whether in a soup kitchen or a senior center.” This would be useful in a colony due to the fact that these citizens help the colony by giving blood, picking up litter or following laws. The 300 participatory citizens would be useful due to the fact that they participate in the community. This type of citizen volunteers will work in soup kitchens coordinate food and blood drives. The Background essay states this perfectly, “Participatory citizens take a more active role in the affairs of their community. They volunteer to serve on community committees and organize community events. They organize the coat drive for the homeless, coordinate the community blood drive, host the neighborhood block club or serve in the city council. Participatory citizens look after their fellow citizens.” This is useful simply because, the participatory citizens would be helping the community.…show more content…
The 600 personally responsible citizens would be responsible and pick up litter or donate blood. The 300 participatory citizens are useful in developing a colony because they volunteer in soup kitchens and coordinate food and blood drives. Aditionaly the 100 justice oriented citizens would be the least useful but not useless. They would solve isues that relate to society, the economy and politics. These three types of citizens would ensure the colony’s
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