Justice System Of The United States Essay

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As an individual who has never visited any form of court, I was extremely excited to witness our justice system in action for the purpose of this paper. Through the first amendment of the Constitution, the public has a constitutional right of access to criminal proceedings; yet knowing this, I was immensely repentant that as a criminal justice student in hopes of attaining a career in law enforcement have never previously stepped foot in any courthouse. It is paramount that an individual learns how the justice system of the United States is conducted, whether you have committed a crime or not. Attending a courthouse to witness an arraignment, or a criminal trial provides an individual with great insight in to our justice system, and allows us to interact with different members of the court such as, the judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, court officers, and other court personal to further educate one’s self of how the court system comes together.
After an extensive consideration regarding which court to attend and in which borough, I decided to attend the court that is swiftly becoming one of the major tourist attractions, the Manhattan Criminal Court located at 100 Centre Street. On Monday the 14th of November, I entered the Manhattan criminal court building promptly at eleven in the morning. After reading reviews online, I expected this court to be one of the busiest with an endless stream of New Yorkers swarming in and out of the courthouse. However that was not the

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