Justice Systems in Egypt and in the United States Essay

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Justice System in Egypt and the United States
Brian L. Goodman
Daymar College

Outline Abstract Introduction
III. The Legal Systems A. The United States Legal System B. The Egypt Legal System
IV. Types of Crimes
V. Components of Justice System in the United States
VI. Components of Justice System in Egypt
VII. Crimes A. United States B. Egypt
VIII. Notes
IX. References

Justice System in Egypt and the United States are similar in many ways. Egypt Justice System bases its criminal code on British, Napoleon, and Italian models. There are three main categories of crime in Egypt law; they are minor offenses, misdemeanors and felonies. Egypt law requires that a detained
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The Egyptians had harsh punishments for breaking the law. The laws were based on common sense view of right and wrong. It depended on which crime the criminal did to figure out which punishment they would receive. Not only would it disgrace them, but it would disgrace their whole family.
Now, Egypt uses criminal codes. The criminal codes listed three main categories of crime: minor offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies. Lower courts handled the majority of these cases. Capitol crimes that carried a possible death sentence includes murder, manslaughter, arson or the uses of explosives that caused death, rape, treason, and endangerment of state security. In Egypt few convictions for capital crimes, however, resulted in execution.
Egypt laws required that a detained person be brought before a magistrate and formally charged within 48 hours or released. The accused are entitled to post bail and had the right to defended by legal counsel. Searches can not be conducted without a warrant.

The justice system in the United States is one of the most unique in the world. It consists of two separate levels of courts, state and federal.. Most of the laws that govern our day-to-day living are state laws; violations of federal law include offenses involving federal government employees, kidnapping or evading arrest, and fraud such as income tax or postal fraud.
There are two types of trials: criminal and civil. In a
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