Justice and Fairness are not Always the Same

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Life is like a piece of cake. Sometimes you get a sliver while others will get a larger slice. Its not always fair. Justice is not always fairness. Many times the justice one is given, is not fair to them or the victim. Justice and fairness are very different for each other. Justice is different for each person. Justice must be earned. to teach good justice, one must start learning at a young age. Justice is different for each person. There is no clear. “universal” justice for everyone and every case. “ But when Piedmont High started making dance goers huff into a breathalyzer before they could walk in the door, Lauren took offense. Maybe a lot of students were drinking before or at the prom, but she was not.” (“Crossing The Line” 28) “Savana Redding was in eighth grade the day a school nurse and a secretary at Safford Middle School in Arizona asked the 13 year old to srip down to her bra and underwear.” (“10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know”11) Crossing The Line shows how differently schools and students view justice. The school believes that it is okay to breathalyze every student before they go to prom. Some students take that act to offence because they do not and have not drunk before or at the prom. 10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know shows how far some schools will go to find “justice” even if it is not fair to everyone who is involved. Justice may seem like something that everyone will
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