Justice and Righteousness

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Both couples are in a situation where they have to decide to keep their baby or give it up for adoption. The first couple are young, still in their teens, and have experienced an unexpected pregnancy before marriage. The other couple are older, married, with blooming careers and have gotten pregnant at the wrong time. Both of these couples see their babies as interruptions, or as set backs to their lives. They do not have the time, the funds nor the want for these babies and have decided to give them to an adoption agency. The couples do not show much concern for the babies and where they will end up but would rather them have the chance for a better family that actually wants them. The two children have grown up some, they are now 5 years old. These two girls grew up in the orphanage with no explanation of how they got there. They grew up in a building with many other children without parents. These girls have watched others boys and girls get adopted and wondered what made them so special. They wanted to experience that love. The love it took some couple to adopt one of them and take them home. Growing up in the orphanage was not the experience the children should have. Children are meant to be with their parents that made them. The children need the love and nourishment from their mother. But instead, the children were rejected at birth from their parents and forced to find new ones but not in their control. One day, a couple came…
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