Justification Of Postpositivst Approach

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Chapter Four: Research Methodology 4-1 Introduction. 4-2 Overview of Research Philosophy. 4-2-1 Pragmatism 4-2-2 Positivism 4-2-3 Postpositivst 4-2-4 Realism 4-2-5 Justification of selecting of Postpositivst philosophy. 4-3 Research Purpose. 4-3-1 Exploratory 4-3-2 Descriptive 4-3-3 Explanatory. 4-3-4 Justification of selecting Descriptive and Explanatory 4-4 Research Approach. 4-4-1 Quantitative 4-4-2 Qualitative 4-4-2-1- Panel Data regression Method 4-4-2-2- Linear data regression Method 4-4-3 Mixed method 4-4-4 Justification of selecting Quantitative Approach 4-5 Research Strategy 4-5-1 Case study. 4-5-2 Experiment. 4-5-3 Survey. 4-5-4 Justification of Selecting Case Study Strategy. 4-6 Research Design 4-6-1 Research population. 4-6-2…show more content…
The meaning might sound rather profound, however, the author further explained that the basic meaning of the definition is precisely the exact thing every researcher is doing when he or she is conducting a research and that is the will to develop knowledge in a particular field. (Easterby-Smith, et al. (2002)) , identifies three reasons on why there is significance on understanding philosophies in reference to research methodology. The first reason the author added is that by understanding Research philosophy the researcher may refine and clarify the research method to be used in their study and consequently help the researchers to gather their evidence and to answer their research questions. Secondly, the knowledge of research philosophy will enable to assist the researchers with different types of methodologies and as such avoiding inappropriate and unrelated works. Lastly, by understanding the basic meaning of research philosophy and understanding its advantages and benefits, it helps the researcher to be more creative and exploratory in their method of

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