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| GUTD Growth Plan |August 21 | | |2011 | |Give Us This Day Inc. (GUTD) is a 501 © 3 organization dedicated to finding individuals facing |“It is our calling and passion to help | |adverse circumstances permanent employment and social assistance. |society’s forgotten.” | | | | Dear Dr. Smith: We are submitting herewith our…show more content…
Meaningful employment is essential not only to an individual’s economic security but also their physical and mental health, personal well-being and sense of identity. Introduction Give Us This Day provides career placement assistance for individuals in the Durham area of North Carolina. Our programs are in direct response to the growing number of individuals that are unable to find employment due to reasons such as: criminal records, limited education, overcoming addiction and victims of abuse. Unemployment is an issue that we all pay for in the form of higher taxes and higher crime rates. For some unemployment is a choice; but for others it is a hurdle that they lack the resources to overcome. It is extremely difficult to narrow down a specific percentage pool for our target market because we service an immeasurable number. The goal of the organization is to identify individuals who are going to have a turbulent transition into the workforce and offer positive support to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. Give Us This Day will serve as a liaison between the employer, community and our client. Our clients are referred to us though our partnerships with churches, via the net and other organizations. Each client goes through a personalized program that is worked out and agreed upon between themselves and the individual’s Career Coordinator. Problem Statement As
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