Justification Report to Installed Electronic Auditing Procedures to Monitor the Computer Use of Employees

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Imagining weight on a scale, when one goes up, the other one goes down. The natural order of life is the balance signaling there is always a price to pay for an achievement. In line with the explosion of the information and technology development, the quality of life has been literally perceived as jumping onto a higher level of realm. But on the other side of the scale is the humanity, the price to pay for such an advance achievement. Consequently there is the need to look into the matter on whether the technology should advance the humanity or it should be the otherwise. Therefore, this report will focus on the causes and the effects of the problems arisen, thus outlined few suggestions to overcome the issue before the…show more content…
Good communications skills will no longer go verbally but upon a long sour facial expression, or even in written form. Verbal communication has always been the best medium in delivering day to day conversation, sharing thoughts and ideologies, thus nurturing a good social responsibility among the society. With verbal communication at stake, the social responsibility has also being driven onto the cliff, just a step towards rolling down the hill. We can no longer practice good discussions skills, daily conversations are no longer moderate. There is a call to climb back the cliff to rectify the problems. It is belief the implementation of the employee monitoring system can enhance the information transferring system thus improving the communication system. With the widespread of such working environment, next comes the misused of the communication and information technology. Blackmail and poison pen letter have since become threats. Dissatisfaction now leads to direct complaint to the superior without direct confrontation or discussion; even a compliment can turn into a complaint with such scenario growing firm affectively in the habit formation. Lot of reports has been lodged without thorough investigation, even worse when it is a blind accusation where the innocents have to take on the blame. A bunch of ants can also be a disaster; the growing numbers of complaints also bring chaos to the management. Worse still, most of the

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