Justification by Faith Essay

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While acknowledging the divergent views of Nygren and Bornkamm that Romans reflects Paul's past experience, this essay, however, sides with the view that the Sitz im Leben of Romans manifests itself as a letter addressed to the social interactions between Jews and Gentiles and the situation of the Roman Jewish community whom Paul hopes to persuade, as in 14:1 and 15:3, to build up a Christian community net-work in order to give concrete support to his mission to Spain and spiritual support for his journey to Jerusalem (L. K. Lo, 1998 and Ziesler, 1989). This manifestation is again revealed in Paul's discussion of the commonality of sinfulness of Jews and Gentiles in 1:18-32 and 2:21-24, arguing that their solidarity in sin has put them in…show more content…
On the other hand, Bassler's discussion of divine impartiality, though non-contentious in character, only demonstrates the all-embracing nature and goodness of God's righteousness and fairness but fails, this essay argues, to bespeak itself as an essential ingredient or constituent in the process of human salvation which is attainable only by sola gratia on God's side and sola fide on human side (Ziesler, 1989). Any attempt to belittle or sideline the doctrine would have the effect of placing the pudding out of reach of the eating, thus rendering its proof impalpable. As mentioned above, this essay is premised on the basis that the letter is addressed to the Roman Christians for the sake of changing their attitudes and the concrete situation (Lo, 1998). It is desirable, this essay says, to examine those important themes appearing in the preceding chapters that spur Pauline discussion of the doctrine of justification in Romans 3:21-31. Prior to his description of the plight of human situation in 1:18ff, Paul has, in Barclay's words, sounded out the trumpet call and the quintessence of the gospel in 1:16-17, thus drawing out the conception of salvation which is much needed for the deliverance of human beings from tyranny of sin which has the effect of breaking up human relationship with God and from God's wrath both vented now and to be vented

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