Justification of American Slavery

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How can you justify something that's incredibly wrong? Our "founding fathers" were face with the same dilemma over 400 years ago when it came to the issue of building up The New World. They wanted create a place where freedom and justice roamed, escaping the lifestyle from which they came. However, our "founding fathers" knew that creating this New World(America) need cheap labor and a way to build up their economy. This lead to the enslavement of the Africans. Although this tyrannic practice was enforced in the Imperialist's mother countries, they still felt the need to enforced the Indenture Servant system.

The definition of an Indentured Servant was a person who signed and is bound by a debt to work for another for a specific
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The elite of Chesapeake society condoned various forms of servant exploitation in all gradations of severity. From 1607, the founding of the colony in Virginia, until 1660, Chesapeake masters abused servants in the course of their work, but only rarely denied them their rights if they reached the end of their indenture. By 1660, the system took an even more sinister turn. Tobacco planters morphed their already exploitative system into a new system that shared many parallels with slavery. The planter elite prevented freedman who had legally completed their indentures from acquiring land, which was the entire attraction of the New World. They tried to keep servants indentured for longer, and if they could not keep them as servants, they ensured that the former servant would remain in an economically servile position as a tenant, sharecropper, or laborer. First, The English precedents for indentured servitude and the nature of tobacco agriculture, which both produced a system that made exploitation possible and likely. Then the change for the worst in freedmen's conditions that occurred after 1660. Slavery in the United States was part of a long established system of labor exploitation that dates to ancient times. Much of the ancient world was composed of well-organized slave societies of one sort or another. Slavery existed in the great civilizations of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, and even among the Inca and Aztec worlds of pre-colonial
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