Justification of Diagnoses of Robert Jones Disorder

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He has alcohol dependence with physiological dependence. Roberts Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)] was .20" and even with this he was in denial of his state. He had a plea bargain so as to avoid jail time, he was on probation and he still believed that he had no reason to be treated for alcohol dependency. He later on developed a craving for alcohol claiming that he missed his beer; at one point he thought he was sick. He then revealed that he had been drinking for a long time almost 30 years. His DSM-IV-TR diagnosis also revealed that he was sexually dysfunctional. According to Healthwise (2011), one is said to have alchohol dependance when;
They drink in risky situations that could include before driving or while drinking,
When one cannot remember what took place while they were drinking,
When one has legal issues due to drinking such as drunk driving
Family problems as a result of drinking
When one can not control how much they drink
When one has withdrawal symptoms after staying without drinking for sometime
When one makes up reasons for drinking
One might not realize that they have the problem and might consume large quantities of alchohol in a sitting.
In addition, Robert Jones has a sexual dysfunction. According to Arackal & Benegal (2007), people with alcohol dependence are also found to be sexually dysfunctional. In a study in which…
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