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Teaching for learning 2:
Justification for scheme of work
Angie Newton
Planning as a whole is an essential aspect of teaching and is even more effective when it’s a process that is collaborative with your colleagues and pupils, therefore enhancing the effectiveness of your teaching (DCFS, 2011, Mawer, 1995). Schemes of work are a long term planning solution, which identify the learning opportunities across a whole school year (Gower, 2004). The framework is broad, so to go alongside the scheme of work, units of work are devised (Robinson & Smith, 1995). The scheme of work should be a broad balance of sporting opportunities for pupils to experience and participate in different activities.
The scheme of work is for an
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The pupils would have participated in 2 hours of P.E each week, which supports government aspirations for pupils to have at least 2 hours per week of high quality P.E undertaken within the curriculum (QCDA, 2007).
I have presented the scheme like this because can develop their knowledge, skills and understanding over the 3 years, because they are focusing of different key processes each year. For example in Year 7 Invasion games the pupils focus on assessing their performance to the criteria on 2.1a/b, Refining and adapting skills to techniques and developing the range of skill that they use. 2.2a is selecting and using tactics and strategies in different creative, competitive and challenging contexts. (QCDA 2007), which fit into the sections of ‘developing skills and ‘Making and applying decisions, which is just undertaking the skills, refining it slightly to improve, linking this with acquiring tactical awareness. (QCDA 2007)
If we move onto year 8 and 9, the key processes that are focused on are ‘evaluating and improving.’ For example in Year 8 invasion games the pupils focus on 2.1c, which is developing the precision, control and fluency of their skills (QCDA, 2007), which is a development on from year 7, so promotes progression. Progression is important throughout each year of the scheme, so this has to be
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