Justification of a Scheme of Work Essay

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Justification of Scheme of Work A scheme of work is the overall programme of study. It may last for example, one week, ten weeks, or two years. It is merely a breakdown of the whole programme into smaller chunks based on your frequency of your meetings with learners. (Wilson Practical Teaching 2008 p68) The selection and sequencing of topics reflect on the 6218 curriculum set by the awarding body, the curriculum is a Basic Construction Skills course built around various practical tasks for which there are unit credits attached to obtain the qualification. I first begin with easier tasks leading up to more advanced tasks as the course progresses. This theory is reflected in Bloom's Taxonomy which is a classification of learning…show more content…
For example, when reviewing how to describe a diagram to a blind student, it might become apparent that there is a better way for me to present the information for all students involved. In making my teaching inclusive I reassess the material I use in my teaching and the way in which it is delivered and assessed. It may determine what resources are needed before a project can begin. The main resource when teaching brickwork is the quality of the materials used in the practical area and the learning environment where the learning takes place. In providing learners with a realistic building environment with working materials they will adapt to a up to date way of teaching within the practical area. Other resources come in the form of handouts, these are given to all learners but benefit visual learners the most. On top of the handouts given I regularly do group and individual demonstrations relating to the subject that is being covered in the session this allows for any learning differentiation taking place. Within a scheme of work differentiation must also be used as this is an approach to teaching that attempts to ensure that all the learners learn well despite their many differences. Having the ability to differentiate within teaching is a great attribute as “A teacher who understands what helps a learner learn will be a better teacher because they recognize differences and are prepared to alter
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