Justified killing

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Is there such a thing as justified killing? Many would argue that the killing of another individual is by far one of the worse crimes that can be committed. Though under certain circumstances such as capital punishment, or to kill in self-defense, justified killing is okay. These options are only acceptable if there is no viable alternative to doing so. Everyone has the right to live, and once someone decides to kill another individual then they should lose that right. They don’t deserve to have the right of life if they want to take the life of an innocent person. Many believe that it is not right to kill someone, but if you are protecting yourself or someone else in need of protection then it is okay, thus making the killers…show more content…
What many fail to recognize is that abortion is not the only answer. Adoption is an alternative for unexpected pregnancies. Instead of having the option to abort, women should give their unwanted babies to those who cannot conceive. There are millions of couples who are waiting to adopt a child. If more women would choose adoption over abortion then they would not only be saving the life of a human being, but would be giving up the responsibilities that come with having a baby and the adoptive parents would finally have a child that they can love and care for. If one purposely kills or murders someone, they should get the right punishment, be put in jail but never should they receive the death penalty. We get taught about self-defense and there are classes that people can take to protect themselves, but those classes do not tell you to kill someone, they just teach you the correct and an effective way to protect yourself. In my opinion killing someone is one hundred percent wrong. Killing of another individual for revenge, to eliminate competition, to save one self or simply to feed ones psychotic compulsions is morally wrong because it is an action that originates from ones greed, anger or lust to better society. All of which are characteristics associated with negative results. Some Philosophers have concurred that this concept of justified killing is incorrect. They have defended the idea that
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