Justifying The Unjustifiable Analysis

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Winfried Schleiner in his article “Justifying the Unjustifiable: The Dover Cliff Scene in ‘King Lear’” talks about his belief that Gloucester’s imagined fall from the Dover Cliff must happen on the flat stage to be fully effective to the play. I have read the play a couple of times and summarized it as well a couple of times and I do stand on this with Schleiner. Just like Lear, Gloucester also misjudges which of his children to trust and ends up getting tricked by Edgar his son. He is arrested, interrogated, and ends up getting his eye gouged out by Cornwall and I say this happened because of his misjudgement on who to trust. He was blind from the start with who to trust and that was his first fall, but now he is physically blind and is guided
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