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If you would like a Canadian to visit your school, then you should invite Justin Bieber. Justin is a very popular pop and rap star. He use to live for the parties, but now his life is for Christ. Justin is from Canada and came over to sing. If I could invite anyone to my school it would be Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has experienced many thing in his twenty-one years of life. He first started off as a very popular pop artist with his song "Baby". All of a sudden Bieber got into drugs and alcohol and produced his album called the "Journals", which happened to be explicit. Justin's whole attitude changed, he started racing cars, and ended up spitting on photographers. Justin then realized the disaster of his life and wanted to turn it around. Bieber got in touch with God and turned his life into happiness. A video went viral of Justin praying on stage at his concert for the people in Paris after the ISIS attack. God saved his life from what could've happened in the future. Justin has now produced an album called "Purpose" which has over a…show more content…
Hearing how his life changed with God in it could teach us how amazing God really is. Everyone could hear his amazing voice when he comes. Our school can also learn that life of a celebrity can be really hard. Justin could teach us what to look forward into if we want to be a pop artist. He would also teach us about career choices from DJ, artist, song writer, and a producer. We would also learn how to not worry about anyone judging us and to go with our hearts. Bieber can teach us a lot about everything! If I had to choose someone to come visit our school, I would choose Justin Bieber. Don't ever judge a celebrity because most of the facts on social media can be wrong. You should also listen to his new album. Trust God he saves everyone including you! Don't let anyone tell you that you cant never make it to the top after a mistake, because you

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