Justin Cronin

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Justin Cronin is an American author. He has written four novels, won the
PEN/Hemingway Award, the Stephen Crane Prize, and the Whiting Writers Award. He is also a father and a husband. He recently wrote an article on the highly debatable gun topic and his view on gun ownership along with his personal experience with guns in general. In his article,
Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner, Mr. Cronin gives several different points of views on gun ownership by, growing up in New England and being a Liberal and growing up in the Northeast he makes a strong point that gun ownership probably isn’t a high demand, also the fact that he brings up that he his political views are mainly Democratic and has voted once in is lifetime for a
Republican is a sure shot at first that he is widely
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He wasn’t afraid to stereotype in this article mainly because guns and gun owners carry a lot of stereotypes. At the end of the article he shows joy when his teenage daughter proves the firearm instructor wrong by sliding the action with no problems, not typical for most women. He also shows a sense of joy and pride when his daughter is interested in taking shooting lessons because they both understand the statistics that involve American women and sexual assault.
Confessions of a Liberal Gun owner, was a great article and very cohesive in bonding several points of views together. Mr. Cronin used logic, personal experience, and a sense of a straightforward emotion to express his own views and experience on gun control. The reader takes with them a better understanding of a different point of view from someone you wouldn’t consider owning a gun, let alone citing personal experiences to further persuade them of the benefits of owning a
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