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Initial Client Interview Form A. CLIENT PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: Justin King Address: 123 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri Home Phone: (913)123-4567 Work Phone: (913)890-1234 Social Security Number: 123-45-6789 Driver’s License Number: MO39562243 Date of Birth: 7/14/83 Marital Status: Single Dependents: None Military Status: N/A Occupation: Student/Retail Employer Name, Address, Phone Number: __________________________________________________________ Membership in Union or Professional Organization: N/A Police Record (if any): N/A Have you ever filed bankruptcy? If so, please explain. N/A B. CLIENT EMPLOYMENT Type of Work: Retail Sales Job Title: Cashier Immediate Supervisor’s Name:…show more content…
Mr. King stated that “the Doctors did not tell me much and I think they are trying to cover their a****!” Mr. King states that because of the accident he can barely talk. That as a direct result of his accident, he is out of National Idol and MCI has cancelled his contract. He has also stated that since leaving the hospital he has been placed on Anti-depressants because he tried to kill himself last year. He said that after he initially lost his recording contract, he tried to commit suicide and was placed in the psychiatric ward at the hospital in Kansas City. He remained there for over a year and was just released a few weeks ago. He has further stated that since his initial hospital stay, he has $145,000.00 in hospital bills and with plastic surgery and counseling on the horizon he can expect upwards of $100,00.00 or more in bills. Mr. Kings would like for our firm to represent him in a lawsuit against the Beer Company, the Truck Driver, and the Doctors that treated him. He is looking for a judgment of $100 Million Dollars. E. POTENTIAL DEFENDANTS: The Beer Company- the Truck Driver, the Doctors at the hospital in Paxton and the Doctors at the Metropolitan Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Because Mr. King kept stating that he wanted to “Sue Everyone,” other potential defendants may be his agent, the Producers of National Idol and MCI Records. F. FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS: The firm needs to know

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