Justin Timberlake Research Paper

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Everyone has their favourite genre or artist, my favourite artist is Justin Timberlake, but I do not have a favourite genre. Music has a big influence on most people’s lives for different reasons, this is happens when people connect with the artist’s lyrics. Music can relax, anger, energize, sooth and more, this is not just because of the lyrics it is also about the instruments and the melody with them. Some people believe that music is a distraction and is not beneficial to you, others believe music is beneficial to you. There is evidence of music influencing people’s lives as one of the best singer/songwriters in the world today Ed Sheeran in a documentary with MTV said that. “I started writing music after I got into Damien rice, I bought his album and he was doing a secret under 18’s gig in Dublin,” he continued by saying “that day had changed my life and if Damien Rice had been an idiot I wouldn’t have all of my trophies, literally five minutes of his time has created my whole path.” In that same interview he said that it is nice when people send mail to him saying that his music had changed their life for the better.
For most people especially students music is an essential part of their lives and study routine as
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The destructive themes include drugs, alcohol, suicide, violence and inappropriate sexual messages. They also say that a teenager receives on average 84 daily exposers of these destructive references per day. They also say that the intensity of the music has a lot to do with mental effect it brings, most types of music is supposed to be relaxing and soothing, however some music genres such as hip-hop, rock and metal have a negative impact on the
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