Justin Walsh 's Life And Life

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Justin Walsh began to love Crowded London with its bookshops and music stores, hamburger restaurants and cinemas. Even though he missed his home in Cardiff. London was a place where he was happy. He was studying BioScience at the University of London and was entering his second year. He began to sip his tea and walk towards his flat’s window. He began to stare out towards the skyline and reflect on his old life in Wales. Justin had never seen anything like this before. He walked to the shelf and grabbed the Biology: Science and Life and made his way back to his red patterned armchair and sat down. Suddenly the doorbell rang, Justin leisurely walked toward the door. He opened the door and saw who it was, it was Holly Norwood his…show more content…
He began to type Shepherd 's pie recipe on his browser and clicked on the first link. “That will do,” he remarked as he left the flat. ….. Justin stood outside of Flat 41 which was his classmates. He was dressed in his best wearing a white collared shirt and black dress pants with suspenders accompanied with leather loafers. He held his Shepherd 's pie that he made. He was nervous meeting her parents. “What would they think of me?” he said to himself. He pushed the feeling out of his head and thought of a merry night and knocked on the door. There was no answer so Justin knocked again. Finally, the door opened and a Brown haired, middle-aged man wearing a red sweater and brownish slacks appeared. He looked bewildered and asked, “Who are you?” “I 'm Holly’s boyfriend and classmate” Justin replied. The man began to recall and said “You’re Justin, come on in Lad, your already know my name, right?” The man said Justin and Jack entered in the flat. A smell of chicken aromas throughout the air. “Where should I put the Shepards pie?” Justin asked. Chad gestured his left arm and pointed to a small coffee table. The door to the kitchen opened and Holly emerged wearing a white and green apron. A large round oval bowl was held in her hands with the chicken inside it. “Dinner is ready” Holly proclaimed. Justin, Jack, and Holly sat down at the table, silverware were placed on the table. A wide variety of food were presented, Steamed
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