Justin 's School 's Principal Office

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Justin’s mother’s was called into his grade school’s principal office. The principal, Justin’s teacher, and Justin were there waiting for his mother. She showed up, and they asked her to sit. They explained that they called her in because during recess when the children were playing Justin would hit girls. She looked at Justin shocked. They explained to her it wasn’t until they got closer they saw what was happening. The situation was that the children were playing house, and one fellow female student was the mommy and he was the daddy. Justin would yell at the mommy and tell her she’s worthless, and a no for good lazy (insert bad word). It went on and on, and when the female child would back away scared he would hit her. They took Justin…show more content…
Let say that Billy just hacked into a older ladies bank account and continues to keep doing it because there is no one who really monitors her accounts, so it is a really easy steal. Billy tells Jacob who lives miles away in California how he is getting away with it, and his pockets are getting bigger. Well Jacob sees that as a win and wants to know how to do it, so Billy teaches him. Sadly Jacob was not rewarded and the lady he chose had family, who checked her account constantly, and it was traced back to him and he is prosecuted. Jacob friends saw that and vow to never engage in such activity. The modeling, rewarding, punishment, it is all there; it is the social learning theory! This theory is continuous because it continues as people take on learned behaviors. It does not just have one course when it comes to development it can lead on to many courses depending on the person. When it comes to the whole nature and nurture debate, it is nurture that takes the win, because it is the modeling and learned behaviors that aid in development. Since our present time is full of technology let’s stay on this topic. In another study it was found that high exposure of television during the childhood years was related to violence in young adulthood, if there was violence at home (Heath, Kruttschnitt, & Ward, 1986). These children are around violence at home and constantly watching television. They go to school and are constantly getting in
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