Justinian Accomplishments

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Unlike most past emperors before his rise to power Justinian did not come from a noble family, Still, using his intelligence and leadership he was able to stand out as one of history’s most influential and relevant emperors to this day.
One of Justinian’s biggest accomplishments was his revision of Roman Law. While it had been innovative in its time, as things evolved Justinian noticed how long confusing it could be. Countless laws would contradict themselves. He went through hundreds of laws, eventually creating a cleaner and easier to understand version which had never been attempted before.
Although it was controversial, Justinian completed an amazing feat in his attempt to reclaim the western Roman Empire. He was able to expand his territory
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Justinian and his court were fearful for their lives. They nearly abandoned the city on a ship. It would have secured their safety to leave the city to burn to the ground, and they knew they could have lived comfortably with their wealth somewhere far away. However Theodora refused to get on the ship, saying this, “If flight were the only means of safety, still I would not flee. Those who have worn the crown should never survive its loss…Emperor, if you wish to flee, well and good, you have the money, the ships are ready, the sea is clear. But I shall stay. I accept the ancient proverb: Royal purple is the best burial sheet”.
Justinian, moved by this, opted to stay and fight along with his wife. 20,000 were killed, either by the rioters or by Justinian’s own army. It was brutal, but it resolved all disorder and allowed him to take back the city. If Justinian hadn’t made this decision, Istanbul would not be like it is today, if it existed at all. Justinian went on to succeed at rebuilding the city at a grand scale building the previously mentioned Hagia Sofia and throwing countless amounts of money into public works, His leadership allowed Constantinople to
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