Justinian I Essay

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Justinian I Justinian had a very significant role in world history. There are many things that are overlooked when speaking of Justinian. For instance, Justinian was a great architect. Many times we overlook the little characteristics of Justinian and we focus on the code of Justinian. Justinian was born a barbarian, probably born of Slavic parents in Illyia. We know nothing of his early years except that his uncle adopted him. His uncle was Justin I, the emperor of Constantinople. Then in 527 A.D., Justin made Justinian a co-ruler. Four months later, when Justin died, Justinian became the sole emperor. This was the beginning of Justinian’s famous rule, which lasted from 527 A.D. through 565 A.D. (The Reign of Justinian). The reign of…show more content…
During this time of war Justinian had to raise the taxes in order to pay for the war, and rebuild the burnt city as fire was set to the city in the Nika Revolt. There were great losses due to the wars. Italy laid in ruins and residents lived in poverty for centuries after this tragedy. Along with this, much of Rome’s great buildings could have survived if Justinian had left the Ostrogoths in Italy. Even though Justinian’s reconquests in the west were not permanent, his destruction or weakening of civilized Germanic tribes was. The only tribe untouched by Justinian was the Burgundians who had too few people to exercise any real power. Easterners didn’t stop the new invaders in the west when Justinian died. The Persians recognized the weakness, and after Justinian’s death, they attacked the Byzantine Empire. After all this, the Eastern and Westerners wanted to restore the empire. Finally, in 632 AD, the Byzantine’s were victorious over the Persians but because both of the groups of people were so weak, it was easy for the Muslim armies to overthrow them (The Reign of Justinian) Justinian felt many of the laws of Byzantium were very confusing. many were out of date, some contradicting others, and not in one place did a complete collection of the laws exist. To solve this problem, Justinian assigned a commission to study the problem. Their work resulted in the publication of the Code of Justinian.
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