Justin's Abortion: A Short Story Of Adoption

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There was once a girl named Michael and a boy named Justin. They were getting married in two weeks and Michael was 24 weeks pregnant and had cancer her whole life. The doctor was afraid to tell her to get the baby aborted because it could kill her and then she would be missed so much and he didn’t want Justin to put the baby up for adoption. Then the baby would have never get to see its real family or mom if Michael died. He also didn’t want to have to break it to the family because that is the hardest thing ever to do.

‘Hi Michael how are you?’ said doctor

‘I’m doing fine how about you?’ said Michael

‘ I’m doing good and you are here because you are pregnant and you have cancer and you don’t want to get hurt or die right.’ said doctor

‘Yes …show more content…

I need them to make it. She definitely has to make it because a child can come later but I want her to be there with the child and me. We are at the hospital and she is headed back to the labor room where the doctor is and I’m filling out all of the papers for her and the doctor so let's get this done.

“But all I want is for you to be safe and you need to be safe with me. I love you and I need you and I only want you.” said Michael

“All I want is you and I love you too.” said Justin

“The baby is born.” said a nurse

Justin ran it to the room and he found a baby girl rapped in a pink blanket and a mother laying in a bed gasping for air.

“Everyone out we need to get her to the surgery room and fast.” said doctor

“What why.” said Justin

“She cant breath.” said doctor

“Okay hurry will she survive

“We don’t know.” said a nurse

During the surgery the doctor came out and said that there is a very little chance she will make it and the had found out that she had stage four cancer and it was very possible that is what caused

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