Justly Good

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“Why is being just good for me?”
Seems like a pretty easy question right? Well not necessarily even a seemingly straightforward question like this can get an assortment of different and diverse responses depending on just who is polled. Take for example, if you were to question a moral relativist they would claim that there is no such thing as an absolute sense of good and bad or even justness for that matter. They would claim that human nature and mortality is an ever changing phenomena simply defined by many socio cultural and historical factors nothing more or nothing less. Compare that response to that of a spiritual or religious individual and they would claim that goodness is the product of some external force or god. And if we live
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Back in Plato’s day pleasure was considered the good of the time and people lived by this standard. If something made you feel good simply just do it. It was a very hedonistic lifestyle people and needed guidance. Now to get into the mind of Plato and try to piece together the entire idea of what “goodness” even is it’s important to read Chapter 23. There you will find the “Analogy of The Sun”. The analogy of the sun is basically one huge metaphor that was used in a conversation between Glaucon and Socrates. Socrates carefully used the metaphor after being urged by Glaucon to “define goodness”. In the analogy Socrates mentions this force called "the child of goodness". Basically Socrates compares this "child of goodness" to the sun, claiming how like the sun illuminates from the sky giving the us ability to see and be seen so does this “idea of goodness”. Thus lighting the way to show those “intelligible” the truth. In the case of Plato’s republic, the “intelligible” Socrates talks about can be assumed to be any individual who society deems fit to handle and interpret complex truths. These would be men of thought such as philosophers. To take this role these individuals must have an initiate skill they were born with in order to properly bestow their
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