Juvenile Boot Camps

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Juvenile Boot Camps In this project I am going to talk about the problem that different states have in juvenile offenders and how they deal with them in regards to juvenile boot camps, also I am going to explain what is known about juvenile boot camps in the United States, the degree of success of these efforts, and a general summary of boot camps. With that in mind I am going to answer 4 different questions in order to gain a better understanding of this program. The questions I will answer are as follows: How have different jurisdictions dealt with delinquency problems, Which states have boot camps and why, When did these states start using them, and finally What types of offenders are associated with these boot camps. To start…show more content…
They have set up 5 guidelines to juvenile boot camps and they are as follows: 1. Participation by nonviolent offenders only; 2. A residential phase of 6 months or less; 3. A regimented schedule stressing discipline and physical training; 4. Participation by inmates in appropriate education opportunities, job training, and substance abuse counseling or treatment; and 5. Provision of aftercare services that are coordinated with the program that is provided during the period of confinement In the beginning there were great achievements in boot camps for kids. First year boot camp completion rates were high, ranging from 80 percent to 94 percent. Youths improved in educational performance, physical fitness, and behavior. Ratings of youths in respect for authority, self-discipline, teamwork, and personal appearance also improved significantly. Youths who graduated from the 3 month boot camp and remained in aftercare for at least 5 months reported positive changes in attitudes and behavior. The main objectives of all juvenile boot camps and after care activities are pretty much the same, here are a few: o Serve as a cost-effective alternative to Institutionalization. o Promote discipline through physical conditioning And teamwork. o Instill moral values and a work ethic. o Promote literacy
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