Essay on Juvenile Boot Camps

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The issue that I plan to take on in this research proposal is rehabilitation for minors. I mainly want to focus on minors 16 years of age or younger. The question I wish to answer more specifically is, does boot camp benefit or harm a troubled minor? I also wish to learn the short and long term affects of these camps, do they just create a short term solution, or do they in fact shape minors into law abiding citizens that can contribute to society? I plan on answering these questions using past and present research from experts in this field. I chose this topic because I believe it is very important that society handles their minors in only the right manner, they should be guided not punished because one day they will be running the nation…show more content…
The expected outcome of this research project is what one would expect, it follows what the directors want the public to believe, and what the public believes. Introducing more troubled juveniles into these institutions should relate in a decrease in crime, thus creating a negative relationship. The individuals who are exposed to these programs should be effective in the following ways, they should become well disciplined, there attitudes and behavior should improve, they should be afraid of returning, they should become well-educated, and they should become positive members of society. If all these goals are achieved, then are principle goal should be achieved as well;
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