Juvenile Boot Camps Essay

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Running Head: Juvenile Boot Camps Juvenile Boot Camps John Coale TESST College CM102 Professor Tuer September 4, 2010 Abstract This paper will discuss the history of the canine dog. This paper will also discuss the different breeds of the canine and its purposes. This paper focuses on the training, handling, and the overall care of the canine by the police or other agencies involving canines. Increased juvenile delinquency and engagement in crime has been an issue of concern to many parents and the authority in general. Although juvenile crimes have been there even in the past, they have been increasing at an alarming rate and the intensity of crimes committed has also increased. However the criminal justice system has set…show more content…
For example in some cases individuals are sentenced to a term of participation in boot camps for about 90 to 180 days which can substitute a jail term of about 10 years. However the equation of boot camp term and the jail term substituted usually varies with the boot camp facility and the state. In case juvenile offenders are not wiling to serve in boot camps, then they are compelled to serve their jail term. Therefore participation in boot camps is not compulsory and individuals can prefer to serve their original jail term instead. (Cowles, 2005) The first boot camp was opened in the United States in Georgia and Oklahoma around 1983. The initial set of the boot camps was to maximize the rate of deterrence, reduce the crowding in juvenile prison, to decrease the cost of penal and the correction system, and in order to reduce the rate of recidivism. Boot camps were however supposed to find a middle ground between restrictive prison system and the less strict probation. Boot camps are therefore less restrictive than the system in prisons and harsher than the system in probation. In the recent past, there had been some disquiet from some parents and juveniles about their life in juvenile camps. It is argued that some boots camps have been exposing juvenile to harsh military training exposing them to various dangers which they may not be prepared for. For example in 2006, boot camps were banned in Florida following the death of Lee Anderson
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