Juvenile Corrections Essay

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1. What are five goals of juvenile corrections? How effectively are these goals achieved? The goals of juvenile corrections are too deter, rehabilitate and reintegrate, prevent, punish and reattribute, as well as isolate and control youth offenders and offenses. Each different goal comes with its own challenges. The goal of deterrence has its limits; because rules and former sanctions, as well anti-criminal modeling and reinforcement are met with young rebellious minds. Traditional counseling and diversion which are integral aspects of community corrections can sometimes be ineffective, and studies have shown that sometimes a natural self intervention can take place as the youth grows older; resulting in the youth outgrowing delinquency.…show more content…
What are halfway houses? What are their functions and goals? Halfway houses are non-confining residential facilities intended to provide an alternative to incarceration as a period of readjustment to community for offenders after confinement. Halfway houses are used by parolees while they seek out employment and adjust to the outside world. Halfway houses aim to give the parolee a transitional shelter so that they may adjust and reintegrate into the community. Freedoms are often restricted and parolee activity is also monitored. 3. What are wilderness experiences and what are their functions? Wilderness experiences are programs that focus on outdoor activities to help develop self-worth, pride, and trust in others. This program is an alternative to incarceration, and is less expensive. Wilderness programs like The Rawhide Boys Ranch have had a great deal of success. RBR is a faith-based residential center in Wisconsin and was established in the 1960s. RBR can accommodate around 60 at-risk youths who suffer from mental illnesses. RBR has shown great success during their evaluation resulting in a 73 percent success rate. 4. What is meant by shock probation? What are different types of shock probation? What are some major differences among them? Shock probation is an intermediate probation where the offenders are initially assigned to secure confinement, but are later removed from detention and sentenced to serve the remainder of
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