Juvenile Crime And Juvenile Crimes

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One of the biggest problems the United States faces today is juvenile crime. Today the juvenile involvement in crime occurs for many different reasons in many different places. Ages still in the single digits all the way through 17 are committing illegal juvenile acts each and every day. Some of these crimes are done on purpose and with an intent and some of the crimes are done on total accident. Juveniles all over America in all different places are committing crime today and as you read this there are juveniles somewhere out committing crimes. “The reason experts feel juvenile 's commit crimes is because of risk factors when they were younger but experts still have not found the main reason why juveniles commit crimes” (Novelguide, 2015). Juvenile’s involvement in crime is something continuing to go down in numbers each year but the involvement is still very high and everyone wonders why that is the case. Juveniles contribute a good amount of today’s crime for all different reasons. “A quarter of all crimes are committed by offenders under the age of 18, official figures suggest” (Doyle, 2012). A recent report has revealed that young offenders committed more than a million crimes in a single year. Juveniles were behind half of all robberies, and one in three burglaries. In this paper it will describe all the different reasons that juveniles get involved with crime. Today bad parenting and the lack of family structure really aids in the juveniles rate of crime and their

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