Juvenile Crime In The United States

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Crime is a major issue in America today; an issue that continues to eat away at our country economically. Because of the immensity of the issue, there have been numerous speculations into what the cause of crime may be in an effort to find a solution. Many people lean towards believing that a one’s home life, economic status, and location are all factors in the possibility of becoming involved in criminal activity. According to the Judiciary Committee of Violence Americans live in the most violent, self-destructive nation. Even with crime having always been a serious issue that occurs across the world, crime rates in the United States have drastically increased over the last decade. With factors such as age, social class, and gender affecting…show more content…
Violent criminal acts are the major issue for many of Americans making them fearful of their surroundings. Criminal activity in the United States to me isn’t as bad as people believe it is more so the rise in violent crimes that is so drastically increasing. The United States ranks in the top five in the world for violent thefts/robberies as well as a significant rise in juvenile crime. These crime statistics are a way to help us measure crime in different societies by comparison in an effort to reform criminal justice policies. What is considered a crime in one country is not always considered a crime in another. This seems as though it would be an issue when looking at statistics of different countries or even state to state so crimes need to be classified into groups. Crime trends are a danger that every country faces and unfortunately the crime rates are also expanding in not just the United States but in other countries as well, even if not to the extreme of the United States. Crime prevention is something that needs to be worked on with more gusto in an effort to help reduce the amount of criminal
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