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Juvenile Crime Juvenile crime rates have nearly doubled in most countries. In the news we keep hearing about youngsters got mixed up in shady affairs and committing petty crimes. Firstly they just steal an apple from the market stands, then rob a small shop, next day we learn about a 17-year-old kid who killed his classmates. People are concerned and rightly so. That's all what we do or maybe give them a harsh punishment. It seems that the problem has only focused on punishment and very little on prevention or intervention. There is no single cause of violence but we can certainly list a lot of risk factors, which increase the development of delinquent behavior. These include child abuse and family disintegration, violating…show more content…
Young people are allowed to live a totally free and undisciplined life in the dark streets of abandoned city districts. Getting a false image from these places they are assured that the proper way of living is the one they experience there. Just following the bad example, without being aware of what they are really doing, The situation is the same with the violation, outrage, aggression fuelled by the media and computer games. Thousands of children sit down in front of the television in the late evening to switch off a little bit. What do they get? Blood, fight, hatred, war and a superman who never dies. All that in prime time. After that, what should we expect from our children? To kiss the little doll with love or play with the toy cars... That type of childhood is out of fashion by now. They will rather continue the bloody scenes in their video games using the newest weapons to murder the "bad guys". The game is never-ending because they have more lives. Most of the parents consider it as just like a game. But it's much more than that. Subconsciously everything remains in their brains and reflex. On the other hand sitting all day long at the computer kids get isolated from their peers, friends and social life, too. They don't communicate and thus fall out of the flow of real life. Losing their connections to the world they won't be able to make realistic judgements leading them into crimes. Young people should not be expected to have the same

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