Juvenile Crime Violence And Violence

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In today’s society juvenile crime is an increasing issue in the United States. When speaking on juvenile violence there are many different types of violence like youth violence, school violence, dating violence, gang violence. The problem is clear, the solution not so much. What can we do to prevent and or minimize the amount of juvenile violence and crime? Each topic selected compares to one another for example, gang violence leads into school violence, which leads into dating violence, which all wraps up under youth violence. Each of these topics is also different from one another because, they all focus on a different type of violence. Each type of violence can take a life. Whether that life is taken by any weapon of choice or a life taken by the judicial system meaning incarceration.
Gang violence statistics indicate that are down slightly from previous years, but continue to rise since the early part of the decade. According to gang violence statistics, about 60,000 gang-related arrests have been made throughout the past ten years. Gang violence statistics reveal that gang violence among teens and adults is still a growing problem with about 7,184 gang-related arrests being made in 2010 alone followed by about 3,176 convictions throughout the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has 55 field offices with Safe Streets Task Forces that are focused on violent gangs totaling 168 total forces.
While gang violence is a growing problem in all…
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