Juvenile Crimes And Crime Rates

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Did you know that murders, rapists, kidnappers and drug dealers are being released from jail after only serving short and relaxed sentences. Who are these criminals you might ask, and what makes them so special?
Good morning___ and welcome to _____. So I will tell you who they are, they are people like you and me, juveniles under the age of 18 who commit atrocious adult crimes but are still tried in juvenile courts. They not only get off with shortened sentences but when released are given new identities to start a new life where no one knows what they previously have committed. They continue to live their new lives in peace and contentment all while their victims and the families are left to suffer.
-This is why minors the age of 10 to 17 year olds who commit serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, rape, aggravated assault and armed robbery should be charged as adults. Today I am here to convince you that this is (the right notion and the most effective to decrease crime rates?) They should be charged as adults firstly as every child, teen and adult knows right from wrong, if they can do the crime they can do the time. Secondly, ____ and finally_____
So you might be thinking that minors are not adults and do not have the intellectual or moral capacity to understand the consequences of their actions or that their brains are not fully developed until at least the age of 20, in addition they are more vulnerable and impulsive to negative influences and outside pressures.
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