Juvenile Crimes Essay

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A juvenile is defined as not yet adult; young, childish, immature. In the United States, definitions and age limits of juveniles vary. The 16-20 year old age group has one of the highest incidences of serious crime (ojjdp.org). In 1994, juveniles accounted for 19% of all violent crime arrests in The United States. Although juvenile arrests for violent crimes declined 3% from 1994-1995 (the first decrease in almost ten years), the number of juvenile violent crime arrests in 1995 was 67% above the 1986 level. Among juvenile offenders, males make up 85% of the total arrests for violent crime index offenses (Colorado.edu). Females make up 34%. Boys ages 12-17 are one and a half more likely to be victims of violent crimes than girls. …show more content…
The organization believes that allowing the juveniles to be released after spending a few years in juvenile correctional facilities would be a crime in itself, to the victims and to society. The maximum punishment that criminals prosecuted as juveniles can receive is time at a juvenile correctional facility until age 21, regardless of their age when they committed the crime. POA feels that for a 17 year old murderer to serve a maximum four year sentence would be not only an insult to the victims but also a hazard to society. Under this policy, young offenders could be back on the streets at the age of 21 ready to commit more crimes. POA believes that longer and harsher sentences are possible only through the adult criminal justice system. Allowing juveniles who commit violent crimes to serve short sentences in juvenile correctional facilities simply doesn’t do justice to society and to the victims involved. POA gives examples of why juveniles should be tried in adult court. For a young man who repeatedly stabs a classmate, for two minors who premeditate a violent sex assault and robbery, for a 17 year old serial sniper who shoots innocent people and for juveniles who commit serious brutal crimes, a few years at a correctional facility is an unjust punishment that fails to serve the victims and safeguard society from danger (ojjdp.org).
Prosecutor James Backstrom of Dakota County
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