Juvenile Criminal Justice Is Much Like The Art Of Parenting

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Retribution and Rehabilitation in Hopes for Reintegration The topic of juvenile criminal justice is much like the art of parenting. The main concern is figuring out how to deter the child from the same action without letting them get away with too much and not crushing their spirits. SUCH AS when a child goes beyond the set boundaries for him while playing outside which leads to hurting another child, the child should be disciplined to be deterred from crossing those boundaries again, but that discipline shouldn’t scare them away from ever going outside or playing again. There is a large range of beliefs on what types of punishment should be given to juvenile criminals depending on their age and crime. The requirements of retribution are different across the United States but that doesn’t mean it’s not a big issue. {Maybe a statistic here? This paper is an accumulation of various sources that revolve around rehabilitating juvenile criminals and adjusting the juvenile justice system and prevention programs through researcher, Richard A. Mendal’s five suggestions. Juvenile criminals should be responsibly punished for their crime but be able to go through rehabilitation with the goal to reintegrate into society again.
{This paragraph is basically a summary of the whole paper, is that okay to keep?} Rehabilitation is a complex issue that must involve thought through, analyzed, practical goals, techniques, and responsibilities within the juvenile justice system, community,…
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