Juvenile Delinquency : A Serious Problem

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Juvenile delinquency is a serious problem in the United States as a whole, and especially in the state of Illinois. Illinois is known for having crime problems especially in the urban Chicagoland areas. Implementing juvenile delinquency intervention programs may be the first step to combating this crime problem. There is potential to reduce future crime if the youths of today can be reached and helped with these programs. I have picked four programs which I believe will help combat these delinquency issues and reduce the juvenile crime in Illinois.
Aggression Replacement Therapy
Aggression Replacement Therapy also known as ART, was created by Arnold Goldstein, Barry Glick, and John Gibbs. This program was designed to focus on at-risk youths who exhibit aggression, anti-social attitudes, and impulsive behaviors. The goal of ART® is to improve social skill competence, anger control, and moral reasoning.
Modality. ART uses a three-pronged program to achieve success.
The program incorporates three specific interventions: skill-streaming, anger control training, and training in moral reasoning. Skill-streaming uses modeling, roleplaying, performance feedback, and transfer training to teach prosocial skills. In anger-control training, participating youths must bring to each session one or more descriptions of recent anger-arousing experiences (hassles), and over the duration of the program they are trained in how to respond to their hassles. Training in moral reasoning is
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