Juvenile Delinquency And Its Effects On Society

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Adriana Gonzalez Professor Shaw Juvenile Correction Since humankind has existed there has been delinquency among all humans as years progressed delinquency continues but became regulated and classified by different socioeconomic characteristics; gender, race, age, and class. Until the 20th century children and adults who broke the law were treated in the same manner and incarcerated in the same place. There was no distinction in age as to how the sentences were imposed. Juveniles started becoming distinguished in the early 1800’s with houses of refuge built by the society for the prevention of juvenile delinquency. They were established by religious leaders who were concerned about juvenile delinquents and their treatment. SITUATION There continues to be more and more juvenile delinquents in today 's society, what could explain this? We continue to see different factors and variables that continue to influence teenagers today but we almost always have to come back to i believe the most important variable that influences their developmental process that may have the answers to explaining the growing trend of juvenile delinquents in today 's society…. The Family. Family can be defined as, “A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children. A group of persons related by descent or marriage: My whole family, including my cousins, gets together once a year. (Thefreedictionary,2012) As per the definition above of what home is
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