Juvenile Delinquency And Its Impact On Society

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Juvenile Delinquency has been a major issue challenging various law enforcement professionals and sociology researchers around the world. Acts of delinquency committed by the juvenile sector particularly disrupts the social order of an egalitarian society where individual freedom is a primary societal goal. The bringing up of juveniles on the right social path requires the effort of the overall society, local community, and the family. There have been many efforts made in the U.S. to control juvenile delinquency. Some of those efforts have been reactive while others have been proactive attempts to take in account the root cause of delinquent behavior. This proposal is a template of how societies need to approach the overall issue of juvenile delinquency via a better understanding of the underlying sociological and psychological issues involved. Keywords: Juvenile, delinquency, sociological, pyschological

As the world in general changes, the socialization of young adults and minors is taking a different dimension. Lifestyles in the modern world are being dictated evermore by economic forces. Often the forces of poverty, poor upbringing, lack of role models, parental negligence, stress, depression and poor education systems drive a negative mindset in today’s young generations. There are also the usual conflicts, such as the desire to transition from the family structure to an independent, self-reliant young adult. The frustrations of not attaining…
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