Juvenile Delinquency In America

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During the late 1800s and early 1900s cities up north were growing because of the industrial changes as well as the influx of immigrants and African Americans migrating from the southern states. Due to the Industrial revolution in major U.S. cities like Chicago were eager to hire new workers since the economy was running on all four cylinders “So we saw some of the largest waves of immigration the U.S. has ever seen, mostly from European countries like Germany, Ireland, Poland, and then Italy, Eastern Europe, and in-migration of African Americans from the rural south up to the north and northeast for these manufacturing jobs.”(Cullen 2014). Since the change in industry brought new jobs to Chicago, it also brought a new generation of crime.…show more content…
Shaw and McKay theorized that juvenile delinquency could be credited to the harsh disorganization of the inner-city. For instance, they were able to draw from the works of Burgess and Parks that poverty, soring population rate as well as a disruption in social institutions contributed to the rise of juvenile delinquency. Shaw and McKay began interviewing wayward adolescents, most notably Sidney Blotzman who was a 16 year old delinquent who has participated in crime from an early age. In short, they concluded their observation by basically stating that Sidney was a product of his environment. Sidney and many others like him are products of their environments because they learned this type of behavior through the criminal influences in their community. I state this because he lived in poverty as well as being in a disorganized, for example, run-down buildings section of the city which helped contribute to the…show more content…
My reasoning for this is because if you look at how they studied the inner-city youth during that particular time it didn’t matter what race or ethnicity the neighborhood was comprised of, since they were all exposed to influences they would eventually learn criminal values by association with other delinquents within their neighborhoods. Furthermore, once crime was established, Shaw and McKay said that it created a type of criminal subculture in the community that had a life of its own. Although Shaw and McKay theory of social disorganization was first considered over 100 years ago it is still used in contemporary society. “inability of a community structure to realize the common values of its residents and maintain effective social controls.” In other words, social disorganization occurs when a community can’t exert pressure and Published by Articulate informal social control on people to keep them from committing crime.”(lecture notes). To help fill in the gaps of Shaw and Mckay, in regards to social disorganization, many scholars state that social disorganization happens when a community cannot establish some type of social
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