Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile Delinquency 1

Juvenile Delinquency: Features, Causes and Solutions

Shen Cheng
Class: 110
Teacher: Stephanie
February 29, 2012
Juvenile Delinquency 2
I. Introduction
Thesis statement: Nowadays, there is no denying that Juvenile Delinquency has become one of the hottest social issues. The features, causes, and solutions of Juvenile Delinquency will be discussed about in this research.
II. The features of Juvenile Delinquency A. The average age of juveniles who commit crimes tends to be lower B. Knowledge level of the juvenile offenders is low C. Juvenile offenders get involved in sinister gangs and tend to be in groups. D. Juvenile delinquency is prone to be more violent. E. Criminal means
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On the other hand, young people are much eager to get what they can’t have both in schools and families. Then some idle people take advantage of them and divide them into small groups which usually form the predecessor of criminal gangs (Abruzzese.1997). 朗读 显示对应的拉丁字符的拼音 4. Juvenile delinquency is prone to be more violent. According to statistics, property crime is the main type of juvenile delinquency. The top five crimes are: robbery, rape, theft, intentional injury causing death, and murder. The young offenders nowadays use more cruel criminal means to achieve their objectives than before (McNeece. & Roberts. 1997) 5. Criminal means of juvenile offenders are more mature. Modus operandi of juvenile offenders inclines towards being more "mature." Juvenile crimes in the past were mostly along with less criminal circumstances than
Juvenile Delinquency 7 today. In recent years, young offenders would prefer rigorous plans and clear division of who does what in their criminal behaviors. Today, young offenders seem to have a clear understanding of what they are doing, and some are even experienced in committing crimes (Li.2007). 6. Juvenile delinquency is occasional and at random As young people are immature in both mental and physical growth, it’s common to see that they have frequent emotional fluctuations. Failing to understand things right and objectively and strong desires to monopolize make them easy to go on extreme ways. They
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