Juvenile Delinquency Promotes Senseless Killings

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Juvenile Delinquency – Senseless Killings Some young teenagers have resorted to the senseless murder of innocent people. Most the cases involve young teenage males who have had a past history of feelings of alienation and gain the sense of separation of themselves from the outside world. The article refers to the murder of Kimberly Cates, who was hacked to death while sleeping in her home in Mount Vernon, New Hampshire, two teenage boys randomly chose her (Schweitzer, 2009). This type crime is occurring more often across the nation, one teen decides to release his aggression on the world, with others going along with it. Statistics and crime data reveal that during the last quarter of the twentieth century juvenile crime had escalated to a new level. These juvenile offenders seemed to have the belief that they were pristine, the youth today present with a declining morality, and the state of family life was tragic in America (Bartol & Bartol, 2014). For century’s law enforcement agencies and truancy officers have battled delinquency. ‘Juvenile delinquency is behavior against the criminal code committed by an individual who has not reached adulthood, as defined by state or federal law (Bartol & Bartol, 2014).” More often these juvenile delinquents fall more under social delinquency because they are displaying inappropriate behaviors of aggressiveness, truancy, petty theft, vandalism, and alcohol or drug abuse. In many cases, these juveniles are caught and appear in

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