Juvenile Delinquency in the 1950s

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Why did juvenile delinquency occur in the 1950s and what precautions were taken to prevent it? (Project Summary)

This project will focus on the British criminal justice system in the 1950s regarding juvenile behaviour. The research will explore the ways used to prevent juvenile crime, the social and psychological motivation for crime, and the way that the criminal justice system aimed to rehabilitate those convicted of a juvenile offence. To explore these areas an understanding of ‘delinquency,’ and its’ consequences is needed. According to Wirt and Briggs ‘delinquency involves personal suffering as well as a loss to society.’1 This suggests that juveniles are not mindfully delinquent as their actions have repercussions on their …show more content…

I would then write my reflective thoughts within a formal piece nearing the end of the research.
Modern Records Centre Practicalities
On Wednesday 6th March I contacted the Modern Records Centre via e-mail regarding the documents I would like to view. I found this relatively straight forward with the pre-prepared catalogue for the making history project and the database section on juvenile delinquents in the 1950s. I asked to see ten files that I later discovered contained various documents. This made my task a little harder as there was more material to read. However, in hindsight this helped to gain an overview for the task ahead. I photographed the documents most relevant to my research for further analysis at home, whilst considering maintaining a balance of newspaper articles, photographs and texts. Practically this enabled me to progress with the project without being restricted to the Modern Records Centre. I also gave great importance to recording the origin of any information, making a note of the reference codes for consideration later within the project.
I now feel more confident using archives and I would be comfortable pursuing future research with the involvement of the archive.
Analysing the primary documents
After organising my

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