Juvenile Delinquent Prevention And Treatment

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There are many aspects that are similar and different concerning our justice system juvenile delinquent prevention and treatment, they both serve a purpose to better our juvenile society in order to make the community better and there are many ways of dealing with juvenile delinquency, one may work for a certain type of juvenile and the other may fail. Treatment focuses more on the process of limiting discipline and more punishment when it comes to juvenile delinquency but rather focusing more on finding new ways of dealing with the psychological factor that comes with juvenile delinquency and how to prevent crimes from happening and the motivation behind some juveniles’ criminal actions. It is a very significant process because we need to invest in our youth in order to create a better American in the future, different treatment methods could also include court mandated community…show more content…
Different treatments used suck as MST focuses on the problems in families by developing a method on ensuring that a group of therapist can help families cope with problems happening in their juvenile’s lives and how it affects them and the problem that it will bring in the near future and has been proven by many families to have helped reduce potential problems and assess certain situations in an effective manner (Juvenile delinquency, prevention, assessment and intervention p261). To conclude, Overall both prevention and treatment are very important and both plays an important role in our juvenile justice system, I believe they both work hand in hand to assess certain situation, they are both critical parts of our juvenile justice system. Juvenile delinquency have maximal impact in our society, the victim, the juvenile and the family
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